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Godman Field
Park Rd. and Pilot St., Ft. Knox
Hardin County, Kentucky

        Godman field is the first airfield in Kentucky. It was built to accommodate the 29th Aero Squadron, which began operations there in October 1918. The 31st Balloon Company was based there from 1920 to 1921. Afterwards, the field was largely inactive until 12th Observation Squadron was assigned there from 1937 to early 1942. Several Groups were assigned there for short periods during World War II,  including the 73rd Reconnaissance Group and the 387th, 391st and 477th Bombardment Groups flying Martin B-26 medium bombers.
        The field was named for Lt. Louis K. Godman, an Army pilot killed in an airplane crash at Columbia, S.C. on September 28, 1918. Of the original four buildings, two were moved to Louisville's Bowman Field about 1992. One is now Bldg. 1338 on Angel Alley, and one is Bldg. 1328 on Briggs Street. The present main hangar and runways were constructed in 1941.