Martin B-26C-45-MO Marauder
Sn: 42-107719
Squadron Code: FW-A

First Sortie
Last Sortie
6 Oct 44
26 Apr 45

Crew Chief: S/Sgt. Franklyn Fetzer
Asst. Crew Chief: Cpl. Russ Cumiford
Asst. Crew Chief: Cpl. John Arbogast

        S.S.F.F.'s fifth sortie, on October 20, 1944, was against a railroad bridge in Moerdijk, Holland. On the way back to Chateaudun pilot Lt. Chapman experienced flight problems and was forced to land at an abandoned fighter strip. Before it was possible to fly the B-26C back to A-71 ten weeks later, the Marauder had both its engines replaced, as well as a new nose-wheel landing gear. S/Sgt. Frank Fetzer, the Crew Chief, describes its return: "Lt. (Maurice) Fleischer and I went after #719 at the fighter base. I still think a test pilot would have thought plenty before attempting to fly it out. Fleisher, a copilot, and I walked around looking at all the (repaired) damage when out of the blue he asked, 'Do you think we'll make it? I thought, 'Holy Cats! If he don't know, then what the hell am I doing here?' Instead, I replied, 'We'll have to jump it.' The twisted hanger at the end of our take off strip looked to me at about 40 rods (600 feet), so we got back as far as possible. We agreed he'd hold the controls, and I would rev it up. The nose wheel came up, and he let it go! He was to give me the signal to raise the landing gear, but I decided we were close enough and it was Tine. I JERKED IT UP ON MY OWN! For a second it felt like the plane was deciding whether to rise, or to fall..but off we flew....into the wild blue yonder. I often wondered how they chose Fleisher and I?"

Fetzer also listed the various interpretations of the name: S.S.F.F. (1)- "Started Second, Finished First," (2)-Started Slipped, Farted & Fell," (3)- Staff Sergeant Frank Fetzer," and last, (4)- "Started Sucking, Finished F------." His number (2) version was the widely accepted one.