Lucky Lady
No Pokes
Martin B-26C-20-MO Marauder
Sn: 41-35062
Squadron Code: FW-N

First Sortie
Last Sortie
21 Apr 44
25 May 44

Crew Chief: T/Sgt. James Stalnaker
Asst. Crew Chief: Sgt. Seymour Cohen

        Before being assigned to the 556th as a replacement aircraft, No Pokes saw service with another bomb group--probably one that converted to the new A-26 Invader.
        No Pokes met its end as the result of a takeoff incident on May 25, 1944. 2nd Lt. Jerald Fisher reported that his EG had failed to switch on the plane's outside (generator) power during preflight; instead the plane used its internal power (battery). As a result, his plane's batter went dead during takeoff, causing instrument failure. He circled to land--with his bomb load--on the southeast to northwest runway, but with his instruments out, he made a "hot" landing. On approaching the end of the runway with excessive speed, his EG pulled the "kiddie bottle" and locked the aircraft's brakes. As No Pokes went off the end of the runway, it swerved. The wingtip of No Pokes struck one of the 558th Squadron's planes, piloted by 1st Lt. Joseph B. De Vinnish, that was waiting its turn to take off. The 558th plane, 930/KX-D, was struck in the tail section and suffered rudder damage. At this time, No Pokes left landing gear was wiped out, and the Marauder came to rest in the field at the end of the runway. Fortunately, there were no injuries. No Pokes was later salvaged for parts.