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Term Definition
ALG Advanced Landing Ground
Air Corps The Army Air Corps became the Army Air Force in 19__, and the Army Air Force became its own branch of service (the Air Force) in 19__. Although technically incorrect, the term "Air Corps" is sometimes used for the entire period before Air Force became its own branch of service.
AAF Army Air Force
AG Armament/Gunner
B/N Bombardier/Navigator
BG Bombardment Group
BS Bombardment Squadron
C.C. Crew Chief
C.E. Circular error
CO Commanding Officer
CP Copilot
DNB Died non-battle - Persons who died of sickness, homicide, suicide or acidents outside of combat areas (including training and maneuver deaths)
DOI Died of Injuries - Persons who suffered fatal battle injuries as opposed to wounds, in combat or combat areas, and died in a line-of-duty status.
DOW Died of Wounds - Persons wounded and died later.
DUC Distinguished Unit Citation; this award was renamed the Presidential Unit Citation in 19??
EG Engineer/Gunner
ETO European Theater of Operations
Flak Flieger Abwehr Kanone; German anti-aircraft cannon
Flight Officer
FOD Finding of Death - Missing persons who were determined to be dead pursuant to Public Law 490.
Fragmentation bombs
I.P. Insertion Point
KIA Killed in action--killed during combat operations. It is not necessary to be killed in contested airspace; ground personnel killed tending to aircraft departing returning from combat are considered killed in action. Prisoners of war who die are generally considered to be Killed in Action, whether by air bombardment of his prison camp or shot during an escape attempt.
MIA Missing in action
Mission Combat action by a group of aircraft; the group is generally not credited for a mission unless it enters contested airspace
NTO No take-off
OIC Officer in Charge
OTC Operational training casualty - killed in training at duty station
POW Prisoner of war
PPF (Provisional) Pathfinder
PSP Pierced Steel Plank - steel mesh used as runway surfacing
ROG Radio Operator/Gunner
Salvage Aircraft were said to be "salvaged" when they were used as a source of parts.
Salvo Bombs were said to be “salvoed” when they were dropped with safety wires intact and the detonators were not armed. 
Serial number Serial numbers take one of the following formats:
    Enlisted Personnel before the advent of Selective Service
     6xxxxxx - Enlisted in the Regular Army
     7xxxxxx - Enlisted in the Regular Army
    Enlisted personnel after the advent of Selective Service
    1yxxxxxx - Enlisted in the Army of the United States
    2yxxxxxx - National Guardsman called into service
    3yxxxxxx - Inducted or Enlisted through Selective Service
    4yxxxxxx - Inducted or Enlisted through Selective Service
            The second digit ("y") indicates the Service Command of origin
                "1" is the Fist Service Command (New England)
                "4" is the Fourth Service Command (Southeastern U.S.).
    Prefixes for other classes of personnel
    A - WAC enlisted women
    L - Commissioned officers of the Women's Army Corps
    M - Physical therapy aides
    O - Male commissioned officers
    R - Hospital dietitians
    T - Flight officers of the Army Air Forces
    V - WAC warrant officers
    W - Warrant officers
Sortie Combat action by an aircraft; an aircraft is generally not credited for a sortie unless it enters contested airspace
TRN Training casualty - killed in training accident before deployment
WIA Wounded in action - wounded during combat operations